The Shawl Room

Mary has regularly travelled to India since 2005.  She has developed a network of suppliers from women’s co-operatives and family producers in Rajasthan and Gujarat and is now able to bring back some of their work to the UK.  The Shawl Room has a wide range of stylish bags, accessories, furniture, small decorative items, scarves and shawls, bedcovers, quilts and vintage textiles.


Our Suppliers

Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan

A collective group of rural women from 173 villages of Kutch striving for their socio economic and political empowerment.  Some 1200 members have come together to form self-sustaining producer groups.They have chosen the word QASAB, meaning “craft skill” as their brand name. Products that enhance your personal style and enliven your living space.

Sunder Rang

Just outside the Garh of Chandelao village is a building hosting an Arts and Crafts project – Sunder Rang.  Rajasthan is a region famous for its diversity and richness in arts and craft such as embroidery, pottery, block printing and weaving.

These artisans are in competition with modern and industrial products and the designs do not in many cases live up to what the market requires.  Therefore many artisans can’t live on their profession and stop practising the traditional crafts. In some cases the knowledge is about to disappear.

Sunder Rang aims to maintain and support the local craft skills and develop high quality products with unique Rajasthani designs, thus create a sustainable source of income for the women in Chandelao village.

Sunder Rang means “beautiful colours” and that name symbolises the colourful clothes of the women and the bright turbans of the men but also the richness in culture, crafts, nature and hospitality you find in Rajathan.

The Stitching Project Pushkar

The Stitching Project is dedicated to making fine textile products, based in rural India, the style is a little bit ethnic and a lot contemporary.

The Stitching Project is a social enterprise; that is a business dedicated to producing quality work, which will contribute to the ambience of the purchasers’ environment whilst contributing fairly to the livelihood of the producers.

The Stitching Project produces quality hand worked homewares, garments, quilts and craft supplies and special orders for private customers.