Have you chosen a theme for Christmas?

Finding a theme for Christmas starts by looking at home. What has inspired your interior decor and how can this provide you with the base for your Christmas theme this year?


Look for the basic colours; reds, pastels, beige, white, cream etc. and get fabrics, ribbons and decorations to match or compliment these. Now you have chosen your base colour you can choose a theme to match:

Snowball (Everything white, silver trimmings, snowflakes and frosty greens)

Gingerbread (A combination of brown paper bag presents tied together with string, gingerbread men hanging from the tree with candy cane and Christmas pudding ribbons)

Santas Cosy Grotto (Red, white and green as the main three colours with Santa Claus hats and tinsel)

Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh (Gold and silver ribbons, beige fabric tones and of course a shiny bright star)


Whatever theme you choose for Christmas we have a wide selection of fabrics, ribbons and trimmings to suit all tastes and budgets.

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